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The Tests

The Enneagram

The Enneagram measures personality along 9 different scales, each of which are linked to a number of personality traits. This test is huge.... 180 question and is loosely based on a 9 point diagram which is based on mystic theories but is fairly comprehensive in its analysis.

Personality Profile

The Personality Profile measures people on 14 different profiles or 'types' such as idiosyncrasy and conscientiousness. Each type relates to a number of personality traits. This test has about 80 statements which have to be answered either yes no or sometimes. This test is quite straight forward and understandable.

Entertaining/Fun Tests

The Love Type Test

Not so much of a personality test as a how much do you love your partner test. It kinda determines you attitude towards relationships and your partner. It also looks at the way you view your friends, family and other things too. This test has 45 questions which are rated from 1 - 5. Very insightful but not necessarily accurate. I would decide on whether to get married based on the results!

The Colour Test

The colour test is a quick and fun test that involves choosing your favourite colours. You can then use this to work out a bit about your personality.This is a shorter fun version of the Lüscher Colour Test, developed over twenty years by Max Lüscher. The colours used were selected for their associations with physical and mental states.

The Maykorner Test

The Maykorner Test is a very quick and simple test written in JavaScript which will give you an idea about how you view yourself by asking you three simple questions. It shouldn't take any more than 3 minutes but does require a JavaScript capable browser with JavaScript enabled.

The Geek Test

Are you a total internet addict? Do your friends think you are sad for sitting at your computer running up huge phonebills? Do you know more about your computer than your partner (that's assuming you can leave the computer for long enough to find one!). Find out just how geeky you are with this test!

The Nerd Test

Spend hours in front of a computer, lose partners because they get sick of your electronic friend?

If so try this test and find out just how nerdy you are!

You get no kudos for getting a high score, but it can't do any harm either :o)

The Purity Test
Are you sweet and innocent, or do you wear that hat to cover your horns?

Find out with our purity test (for adults only).

The results of this test are not logged, it is purely for your enjoyment.

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