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(Emotions, Relationships)

All heart, have been granted with the gift of feeling, The world is a stage for those of this style.

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Feelings: Dramatic men and women live in an emotional world. They are sensation oriented, emotionally demonstrative, and physically affectionate. Theyreact emotionally to events and can shift quickly form mood to mood.
Color: They experience life vividly and expansively. They have rich imaginations, they tell entertaining stories, and they are drown to romance andmelodrama.
Spontaneity: Dramatic individuals are lively and fun. Their joie de vivre leads them to act on impulse to take advantage of the moment.
Applause: Compliments and praise are like food and water to persons with Dramatic style: they need them to go on.
Appearance: They pay a lot of attention to grooming, and they enjoy clothes, style, and fashion.
Sexual attraction: In appearance and behavior, Dramatic individuals enjoy their sexuality. They are seductive, engaging, charming tempters and temptresses.

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