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Click Here! Eight's need to be powerful to make their own way in life. They are motivated to maintain territorial control over anything that can influence their lives and by the desire to stay on top in any power struggle Of all the Enneagram types, they are the most openly aggressive. They are dominant figures both at work and at home.

They enjoy being strong and judge others according to whether those others are strong or weak. They also enjoy confronting others, and are even willing to take on the whole power structure if they feel a need for radical change. Eight's are courageous and will crusade for what they believe in. They bring abundant energy to meeting challenges at work or elsewhere.

They are "natural leaders." Their overwhelming self-confidence is contagious and can generate in others the energy that is necessary to accomplish monumental tasks.

Possible Origins. Eight's survived their childhood by taking a tough personal stand. Their world felt dominated by bigger, stronger people who wanted to control their lives. The child struggled against a sense of unfair odds and survived by any form of confrontation that would make enemies back down. They gained respect from peers for not crying, for not showing weakness, and for winning fights. They quickly found that it was more fun to break the rules than it was to try to keep them.

Flawed Eight's. Although they often become leaders, the preoccupation with power and control tarnishes their leadership qualities. They are better as entrepreneurs and as such are plentiful in the business world. They are interested in making the money that allows them to control their own fates. And they like the business arena which offers them the opportunity to exercise power. They often alienate potential sources of help, pressing other people's sore spots without recognizing the damage, or feeling the need to say the worst to someone for his or her own good --INTUITIVE TACTLESSNESS.

Well-Adapted Eight's are able to get beyond control and to place their considerable powers in the service of a goal or goals outside themselves. They retain their characteristic confidence, but have learned the virtue of restraint in exercising power. They are seen as deserving of the loyalty they inspire and, in this mode, they can excel at making a beneficial difference for large numbers of people. They have immense capacity for continuous pressure and follow-through on a project.

Occupations. Eight's are attracted to the world of business, to high finance, and to the political arena, often achieving quite high status. They also make good entrepreneurs and "transformational leaders."

Finding Oneself:

Eight's probably will agree with most of the following statements:
  1. I am very good at standing up and fighting for what I want.
  2. I have difficulty with compromise.
  3. I am not afraid to confront other people and I do confront them.
  4. I enjoy the exercise of power.
  5. I am an aggressive, self-assertive person.
  6. l know how to get things done.
  7. I get bored easily and like to keep moving.
  8. Justice and injustice are key issues for me.
  9. Generally, I don't care much for introspection or too much self-analysis.
  10. I think of myself as a non-conformist.

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