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Analysis of results

A note about the analysis of these tests.
To make the most out of the analysis section of this site you really need to be a registered user...

While personality tests are very useful in showing you how you act and react to certain situations and also at showing you how you feel about yourself, taken once they can only ever really tell you how you feel about yourself at the moment in time in which you took the test.

As a registered user when you take one of the serious tests on this site you get the option to save the results. You can then save the results of each test up to 3 times. (i.e. you can take each test 3 times over a period of time and compare the results from each time). This gives a more accurate picture about the way you are.

Each of the serious tests on this site has 2 analysis pages. One which gives the overall results for everyone who has taken the test on this site, and one which compares your results for each test (assuming you are a registered user).

Click on one of the tests below for the analysis:

The Keirsey Temperament Sorter
The Enneagram
The Personality Profile

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